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We are dedicated to providing quality demolition services to our valued customers while keeping safety and cost efficiency a top priority.  We are committed to delivering the highest quality job performance and customer service.  Also, recognizing and understanding the key to continued success in building and maintaining long-term professional relationships is based on mutual trust and to always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. 

We Want to be Stewards of the Environment



We here at DEMO X®  are serious in our advocacy to protect and preserve the environment. We reduce, reuse, and recycle up to 85% of the construction debris from our residential and commercial demolition projects. Most demolition debris can be recycled, including items like concrete and broken asphalt. We separate these materials while we work and then take them to recycling facilities instead of just dumping it all in a landfill. In addition to recycling, we are always careful to not allow debris, dust, or other demolition by-products to leave the site. We keep our projects focused on the area that needs our attention and do not allow our work to damage the surroundings. Recently we updated our vehicle fleet to be more environmentally conscious. Our estimators, who have no need for a large construction truck, now only drive electric DEMO X®. branded Prius's. All of these efforts come together to make us a better greener company. We consider it our moral obligation to save the environment, and so we do so in every way that we can.




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