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Our kitchen demolition services are above and beyond what any other demolition companies have to offer. We take all the necessary measures to make sure you receive the best demolition services possible. Our knowledgeable crew of demolition professionals are highly experienced in kitchen demolitions of every kind. From taking down cabinets, to demolishing kitchen tile. From tearing apart countertops to gutting an entire kitchen. Demo X does it all. We take kitchen demolition very seriously and work hard to ensure that every customer who chooses us for their demolition project has an overwhelmingly positive experience.


What to Consider About Your Kitchen Demolition

When remodeling your kitchen the first thing that must be done is to tear out the existing kitchen. Every renovation project is different, which means that the level of demolition will vary greatly. For some, a kitchen demolition might just mean tearing off the countertops and cabinet doors, while for others it could mean removing every structural element in the room and starting from scratch. For many people, this process of deconstructing their kitchen easily gets out of hand. Hiring a professional demolition service is the way to go. Here at Demo X we offer the best kitchen demolition services and are able to handle any project that you need.

How Our Process


Every kitchen demolition job is different, and so our process varies from project to project. Our demolition professionals are able to carefully asses the situation and deliver the best services based on your needs. There are some general steps that are applied regardless of the demolition project, such as how we prep the area before beginning work. Salvageable items like cabinet doors or lights are removed first. Areas that aren't getting demolished are usually covered in plastic or some other blocking material to keep dust and debris from spreading outside the demolition site. Once the area is prepped the work can begin. Everything is broken up and carried away to leave a clean and empty place where the kitchen once was. We take care of all of the demolition debris and dispose of any junk created by our services. With Demo X, everything is taken care of, so you can rest easy knowing that your kitchen demolition project will be handled well.


Removing Items Before Starting a Kitchen Demolition

Demolition Safety


It's unheard of that somebody wants their kitchen demolished along with everything in it. Most of the time there are lots of things that need to be removed before we can start on the demolition work. These items could include lighting fixtures, appliances, or even the cabinetry. Getting these things out of the way ahead of time ensures that they won't be damaged during the kitchen demolition process and allows our crew to work more freely without having to worry that they will break something valuable to you. In addition to keeping your personal items safe, we will also remove other salvageable materials before starting. These include any reusable or recyclable items that can be easily taken down without demolition. Working in this way makes our team exceptionally more efficient and keeps the kitchen demolition focused.

At Demo X safety is always our top concern. When performing any type of demolition it is important to us everything goes right. This means the areas intended for demolition are the only things that should be damaged. If, for example, the tile is being removed but the countertops are staying, it is crucial that the counter stays intact. Some things, like appliances or chairs, can be safely removed from the demolition site before beginning work. This ensures that no damage will be caused to those items while we are working. For things that cannot be removed they are covered in protective material to keep them clear or dust and debris. Our team of demolition contractors are always made aware of what needs to be kept safe and are extremely careful when working around them. We want you to know that when you hire Demo X for your kitchen demolition that the work will be carried out in the safest ways possible.

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