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In American homes, backyard patios, decks and porches serve as a place to gather, to relax, and to celebrate. Cookouts, poolside parties and sitting areas make great spots to entertain, relax and pass the time. Time itself, however, can have cruel effects on a deck or patio. Years of sunshine, wind and rain can erode a smooth surface into a pock-marked obstacle course. Settling soil and tree roots can break up concrete, making a surface uneven, or worse, dangerous for pedestrians to walk upon. Wary homeowners concerned about the look or safety of a deck or patio area should consider contacting Demo X.


A skilled team of Demo X can begin a project by meeting with a homeowner to discuss goals for a patio or deck area. After assessing the situation, a team of skilled technicians can begin the patio demolition itself. Demo X uses a wide variety of tools and mechanics to overhaul a deck, patio or porch ranging from basic saws and hammers to hydraulic diggers, tailoring their work to a homeowner’s specific needs, and to stay in line with local codes. Demo X licensed, bonded and insured crews can demolish and remove all or part of a patio area. Once the demolition is completed, the crew collects waste and debris for removal and proper disposal, leaving behind a clean area, ready for patio resurfacing.

Homeowners should not worry about the worn out look of an old deck or patio. More importantly, they shouldn’t fret over possible injuries from uneven or broken up surfaces. Demo X ranks as a leading demolition contractor services, offering patio demolition services to all the cities and towns we service, making refurbishment or rebuilding of a deck, porch or patio surface easier than ever.

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