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Nowadays the process of renovating a bathroom is becoming more and more popular. Refurbishing your bathroom to make it better and brighter is important when it begins to get old. Or maybe you're moving out soon and are looking to increase the value of your home. Or just the opposite, many people renovate their bathrooms just after moving in because the previous owners had not. Whatever the reason, bathroom renovations are important to those living in the house. Whether it was a change of ownership of just regular old wear and tear, demolishing a bathroom for renovation is no small task. The process of bathroom renovations is heavily involved, even more so when demolition is part of the plan. Bathroom demolition does not necessarily require major tools and machines, instead, proper planning is your greatest weapon.
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Our Professional Bathroom Demolition
Having a professional company demolish your bathroom is the best way to go, but what does DEMO X have to offer that's different from all the rest? For starters, our estimators know demolition like the back of their hand. All of our estimators have a good deal of experience working first-hand in the field of construction and are familiar with all the surprise expenses that may pop up. When getting a quote for your bathroom demolition, you want it to be as accurate as possible so that you know exactly what you're getting into.
We respect that and get as close as we can to predicting the final cost. We then take a methodical approach to our work ensuring that every step is successfully executed both safely, and to the satisfaction of our customers. With DEMO X you know that you are receiving the highest quality demolition services.

We always highly recommend hiring a demolition professional for this type of work. Having someone who knows exactly what they're doing can save you a huge amount of time, and money. Doing it entirely yourself can be tricky and if things wind up going wrong you could be in a lot of trouble. So first things first, hire a professional, at least to demolish the more complex things you may be less familiar with such as piping. Do not unnecessarily put yourself at risk. The next step will be to take down the mirrors, shelves, cabinet doors, and so on. In most cases, this can be easily done and will require little more than a screwdriver. Next, you should shut off the water supply. This is such an important step, one that you really do not want to forget. Failure to properly shut off the water before beginning the demolition could cause massive flooding. We strongly recommend hiring a demolition expert for the removal and deconstruction of all these bathroom items. This is not just about saving time, it's about keeping everything safe, and making sure the job gets done the best it can. Our team of demolition professionals are highly experienced and deliver exceptional work that's never sloppy.

The last step in the bathroom demolition process is to remove the floor. This is usually the hardest part and will result in a large amount of dirt, debris, and excess junk. A specialized garbage disposal system needs to be in place in order to get rid of all the flooring.


Using an experienced garbage disposal service helps to effectively remove all of the accumulated junk from the floor demolition. Keeping the work area clean is important so that the demolition can be carried out as smoothly as possible.


Having a hauling service on-site will take away the burden of removing all the construction debris.


Disadvantages of DIY Bathroom Demolition

1.More risks are involved

Just with any DIY demolition project, there are a number of things that can go wrong when it comes to doing bathroom demolition yourself. 

Lots of plumbing in a small space can lead to leaks and messes.

Not to mention, hazardous lead paint could be present, and drywall can produce a fine dust that irritates eyes and lungs.


2. It’s backbreaking work

Even if you are proficient in demolition work, all that tearing, lifting, pulling, and ripping takes a toll on your body.

If you decide to handle the bathroom demolition yourself, plan on being exhausted during the process and seriously sore for the following week.


3. It takes time

Bathroom demolition demands a thorough understanding of what you’re demolishing and your future plans for the space.

If you’re only planning a minor remodel, you might be able to get away with demolishing your bathroom over the weekend.

However, if your bathroom is big, your house is old, or you’re planning on changing everything, bathroom demolition can be a complex and extensive job, taking weeks or longer to complete.

You’ll need to learn the basics of demolition work, and then take the time to implement them properly.

Demolition is much easier for a contractor with experience; they’ll be able to finish the work quickly (without inflicting any damage).

4. You’re responsible for debris disposal

To say demolition is messy would be an understatement. There’s debris, dust, nails, and grime that will need to be cleaned up and disposed of properly if you choose to go the DIY route. Renting a dumpster is typically the most convenient disposal option when getting rid of demolition debris. All you have to do is fill up the dumpster as the demo work is completed. However, disposal costs can add up quickly, especially when you’re tossing plumbing, wood, and other heavy items in the dumpster. If you exceed your container’s weight limit, dumpster pricing will quickly escalate. So if you rent a 10-yard container with a 3,000 lb. weight limit and the dumpster ends up weighing 5,000 lbs., you will have to pay a hefty fee (overage charges) for those extra 2,000 lbs.

In a worst-case scenario, you may need to rent a second dumpster to complete the cleanup, which essentially doubles the cost of disposal.

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5. The results may not be as good.

If a bathroom demolition is done incorrectly, it will affect the turnout of the bathroom remodel itself.

Although you may initially save money doing the bathroom demolition yourself, handling it incorrectly could end up costing you more to have it repaired than if you had simply hired a professional in the first place.
Even if you’re careful, you can cause irreversible damage that affects the overall appearance of your new bathroom and your property's overall value.

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