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Whether it be new management, a new company using the space, or just time for a change, renovating an office space can be a lot of work. When making major changes to your office's design it may be necessary to demolish the existing office space to give you room to work. Whether you need the entire office emptied or just a few partitions removed, you can count on DEMO X  to do the job right. We can demolish office walls and partitions to make way for a new layout, or leave it open for a whole new design. We can remove ceiling tiles, flooring, and doors so that they can be updated. We have lots of experience performing office demolition jobs and we are confident that you, like so many others, will be glad to have us working for you.
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Brand New Office

Sometimes it's a change of management bringing their unique flavor to the office space, other times it's a matter of refactoring the existing space to increase employee productivity. There are countless reasons for renovating and updating an office space, but the one thing that's constant is the need for demolition. When crafting a brand new office space layout the current structures will need to be taken out. Demolishing entire walls, removing flooring and ceiling tiles, and more. These are just a handful of the services we offer. The full extent of our office demolition capabilities includes just about any demolition services you can think of. Our team can handle any office demolition work that you need done to bring your company to the next level.
Change of Ownership Office Demolition
When one of our clients requests an office demolition, it's most often because of a change of ownership. The company or group that had occupied the office before has moved on and the new tenants want to make it their own. The best and quickest way to achieve that goal is to demolish the existing office to make room for the new look. Removing partitions, entire walls, and stripping the ceiling and floor are just a few of the demolition services we offer to help get your office looking great. Changing the look and feel of an office space when under new management is a great way to visually make the space your own. Besides just updating the office with a more modern or up to date style, making the office match the company is perfect for re-enforcing branding and company loyalty.
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Choose Us for Your Next Office Demolition Project
When looking for the right demolition company to hire you may find yourself faced with several options. There are a few things that any office demolition contractor should be able to provide. The first step of the process, the estimate, should be handled with care and the utmost attention to detail. Taking the quote seriously is already a good sign that you're working with a professional company able to deliver on their promises. Secondly, when at the demolition site, the right company will plan a safe and organized demolition approach, sealing off walkways and covering safe areas with protective sheets and plastic. Finally, a good demolition company will keep the office space clean as they are working. Removing any accumulating demolition debris from the area to keep it clean and out of the contractor's way. Choosing Demo X for your next office demolition project will give you peace of mind about the work to be done. Knowing that the company you hired will be able to meet all the above requirements will guarantee that the demolition work is carried out to perfection.
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